Is there really a Buc-ee's in the Middle East?

By Aaron Barker - Senior Digital Editor
Emily Chammah/Twitter

The familiar beaver logo of Buc-ee's appears on a sign at a business near Amman, Jordan, in this photo tweeted May 29, 2019.

HOUSTON - Buc-ee’s dominates the travel stop scene in Texas, and the convenience store chain with a beaver mascot recently expanded out of the Lone Star State, but how about overseas?

A photo tweeted by journalist Maurice Chammah of the familiar Buc-ee’s sign in Jordan had him scratching his head.

The Marshall Project writer said he spotted the familiar red-hatted beaver logo while driving on a highway north of Amman, the capital of the Middle East country.

“I have so many questions,” Chammah said in his tweet directed at his fellow Texans.

Some of those questions posed by his fellow Texans included queries about the jerky selection and the quality of the bathrooms.

It turns out that Buc-ee’s does not have a location 7,000 miles away from Texas.

“Buc-ee’s recently became aware of the copycat location in Jordan which is completely unrelated to our company and we are evaluating all of our options,” said Jeff Nadalo, a spokesman for the company.

The only official Buc-ee’s location outside of Texas is along Interstate 10 in Robertsdale, Alabama. 

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