Restaurant Report Card: Live roaches crawl on walls in local restaurant

By Bill Spencer - Investigative Reporter

HOUSTON - We say it all the time.  You know it.  Chefs are supposed to know it and restaurant managers are supposed to enforce it. Don’t touch ready to eat food with your bare hands!

Still, at Ruggles Green, located on W. Alabama, Houston health inspectors wrote the restaurant up after they witnessed an employee handling ready to eat food with his bare hands while standing at the cooking station.

Managers at the Lucky Dragon at 9264 Bellaire Boulevard not very lucky this week, after inspectors found live roaches crawling on the wall by the dishwashing machine.

The eatery ordered by inspectors to eliminate those pests and maintain effective pest control.

You’ve heard of Wahoo, but what about Waho’s?

At Waho’s Seafood And Wings, located at 11885 Bissonnet, health inspectors found roaches.
Here, they found and documented finding dead roaches on the floor of the storage room and roach droppings behind the freezer.

When we at Channel 2 News asked for an explanation, managers put us on the phone with the owner who told me the roach issue has been taken care of and professional pest control is in place.

At Fuddruckers, located at 13010 Northwest Freeway, health inspectors found chicken and chicken wings quote, “not safe for human consumption”, because they’d been stored at unsafe temperatures.
In the end eleven pounds of that stuff was ordered thrown away.

Remember we scrub through hundreds and hundreds of restaurant reports from the City Of Houston Health Department all with the goal of protecting you and your family when you go out to eat.

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