Here are the 3 phases of Trump’s new guidelines to get the economy restarted

HOUSTON – President Donald Trump revealed his three-phase “Opening up America Again” plan to reopen the economy Thursday as the country reels under the economic freefall caused by the coronavirus pandemic and closures.

Trump unveiled his administration’s plans to ease social distancing requirements on a call Thursday with the nation’s governors. The new guidelines are aimed at clearing the way for an easing of restrictions in areas with low transmission of the coronavirus while keeping them in place in harder-hit locations.

In a press conference Thursday, Trump said if state governors chose to remain closed for a longer period of time, his administration would support them. White House officials also said the states can make a statewide decision or make decisions on a county-by-county basis. Gov. Greg Abbott plans to hold a press conference Friday to discuss what his plan is to reopen Texas.

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New guidelines

In a document provided to all 50 US governors during an afternoon phone call and obtained by CNN, the White House spelled out a three-phase approach to easing restrictions that depends on meeting specific case count and hospital capacity thresholds.

White House officials stressed that there is no timeline for rolling out this plan. However, governors who feel they meet the guidelines can move into Phase 1 as of Friday.

Before we can go to Phase 1