Spencer Solves It helps 88-year-old woman who’s been dealing with bee infestation inside her Spring home for years

SPRING, Texas – An 88-year-old woman who reached out to the Spencer Solves It team earlier this year about a bee infestation inside her home is receiving to the help she needs.

In August, KPRC 2 Investigates Reporter Bill Spencer met with Dorothy Ritter at her Spring home, which was contaminated with more than 300,000 bees.

Ritter, who is a widow and living on a fixed income, said she has been dealing with the infestation for more than five years and can’t afford to pay pest control up to $5,000 to fix the issue.

Now, Spencer and Claude Griffin of Gotcha Pest Control, are headed to Spring to get rid of Ritter’s bee infestation.

The team worked to tear out the ceiling and remove the massive amounts of honey-soaked honeycomb that the bees have been building for years. Bee removers are not poisoning or killing the bees, they gently vacuum them up and place them in round bee cages. Finally, after hours of work, Dorthy Ritter’s home is bee-free.

“I am so thankful to you guys, I really love you guys!” said Ritter.

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