Do you remember your first taste of Blue Bell? These are the memories people are sharing

Blue Bell Ice Cream (Illustration by KPRC 2 / Ice cream images courtesy of Blue Bell Ice Cream)

HOUSTON – Blue Bell ice cream is a favorite for many people.

I know I really enjoy it. Many sweet memories have been made while munching on this delicious treat during the summertime.

But, do you remember the first time you tasted Blue Bell? This is the question the company asked people on social media. Here’s what they had to say:

“As a child my family took summer trips to visit family in Texas. Homemade Vanilla has been my favorite since! It’s my only request any time I visit anywhere in Texas since we can’t get it on the West Coast,” Miche Mora said.

“I don’t remember my first taste but have special memories sharing Tin Roof and Vanilla Bean with grandparents. I also played the role of a young Ed Kruse in the video that (played) at the beginning of the factory tours in the very early 2000′s,” Wesley Brady wrote.

“Probably in preschool, eating it with those little wooden paddles. As an additional fav, my aunt introduced me to eating the vanilla with cinnamon. It’s awesome. Y’all should definitely make a cinnamon vanilla flavor,” Parker Voit said.

“Yes, got a half gallon while on vacation in Florida, and it ruined other ice cream for my wife and I, not available in northeast Ohio, wish you were, I’d buy a deep freezer to strictly stock your ice cream,” Instagram user Chase wrote.

“I’m from Texas so it was probably in the womb,” Marcus Aubrey Vittonel said.

“I don’t forget my first time I was too young. My grandpa always would have a half gallon and we would eat it right out of the tub! I then named my dog @blue.bell.pup after blue bell and in honor of my grandpa!” Jordan Miles wrote.

“When I went to Tennessee for the first time back in 2014? I fell in love 😍,” Nicholle Fulginiti said.

“I was visiting my friend in Houston and she said it was so creamy and yummy…. She did NOT lie. I’ve been obsessed for seven years and deprived just as long since we don’t have any in Washington 🥹😭#PleaseComeToWA,” social media user N3k0chan81 said.

“Banana Fudge Bars were my first & favorite as a kid. And when I was going through my chemo treatments, they were a Godsend! Please please please just bring them back! In bars or pints or half gallons, it doesn’t matter. I need that Banana Fudge PLEASE!!” Monica Garcia Wilkinson wrote.

“My first taste was in Sunset Beach, NC at an ice cream shop there about 10 years ago. I fell in love with the Cotton Candy, and now Blue Bell is the only brand I will buy. THANK GOODNESS it’s been sold locally where I live for about six years now. My current favorites are coffee, cookies and cream and home style vanilla, but my absolute favorite is Peppermint - but I couldn’t find anywhere last Christmas😫,” Beth Darr said.

“Third grade. I had just moved to Dallas. I was in second grade but they gave me an assessment test and bumped me up. I was so nervous cause I knew no one. Then the teacher brought out the little cups (vanilla and chocolate) I made friends with the whole back row where I was sitting cause we couldn’t figure out how to break apart the wooden spoons,” Instagram user Texansomethings wrote.

What’s your first memory of Blue Bell ice cream? Let us know in the comments.

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