2023 Kinder Houston Area Survey: Housing costs and the economy are the two dominate concerns for most Houstonians

Housing costs and the economy are the two dominant concerns for most Houstonians, according to the 42nd annual Kinder Houston Area Survey.

The report looks at the changes in attitudes, beliefs, and experiences of residents in Harris County.

A quarter of the nearly 3,200 adults in Harris County surveyed believe the economy is the biggest issue in the region.

“I just thank God I still have a roof over my head,” said Janis Douglas, a resident of Houston.

Douglas is not surprised by the new report.

“I know what it’s like for the groceries to be more. I know what it’s like to come close to losing your home,” she said.

The foster mom and friend of many said she’s always held a steady job, but back and spinal issues forced her to slow down during the pandemic, and it was difficult for her to get the medical assistance she needed.

“It was just certain things that you just couldn’t get done, you know, in person, everything basically was like Zoom appointments, and so I suffered through that,” said Douglas. “So then I lost my income.”

With no job, Douglas says she’s been in danger of losing her house and her car.

According to this newly issued report, she’s not alone in her fight to survive.

The 2023 Kinder Houston Area Survey reveals the COVID-19 Pandemic, rising costs of goods and services, and increasing housing costs are taking a heavy toll on many Houstonians.

“I feel like I have the weight of the world on me,” she said.

Douglas leans on her faith, family, and friends for support.

But she’s hoping the cost of living will become more affordable soon.

“It’s like, what is the answer? How long we gon’ have to deal with all of this? Who is it that’s going to help us?” Douglas questioned.

The survey showed Houstonians strongly feel the government should address inequality and create a more inclusive economy. Seventy-two percent of respondents support efforts to close the income gaps.

For the full report, click here.

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