Military vet helped by Spencer Solves It loses leg after flying off Highway 288 following motorcycle crash

Christopher Katthage has cheated death multiple times

HOUSTON – Just two years ago, Christopher Katthage was a strapping body builder and brave US Marine veteran coming home to start a new life.

And then it happened.

Katthage was attacked outside his apartment in Houston and shot nine times. He nearly died several times in the hospital in the months ahead.

On top of everything else that he was going through, he also lost all of his teeth due to stomach acids attacking his teeth and gums.

At that point, Katthage called KPRC 2′s Bill Spencer for help and, along with Dr. Terri Alani, his mouth was totally rebuilt, and he was given his smile back.

But this past Friday, tragedy struck again.


As Katthage was riding his motorcycle, he suddenly lost control and hit the guard wall on an exit ramp above Highway 288. He was sent flying over the overpass into oncoming traffic, and in the process, his right leg was torn off.

Now, what Katthage needs more than anything is enough money to pay his future medical bills.

Before the accident even happened, he was already close to a million dollars in debt in medical bills from the shooting.

That is where The Spencer Solves It Team comes in.

The goal is to try to raise as much money as possible.

For those wishing to help the brave veteran, please donate on his verified gofundme account.

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