Man falls while trying to repair parents’ Deer Park roof ripped off by tornado

DEER PARK – The Park Green neighborhood in Deer Park was hit hard by Tuesday’s severe storms and several homeowners are now dealing with the damage.

Cleanup was already underway Tuesday evening as crews worked to restore power while KPRC 2 crews were in the neighborhood. But the cleanup turned dangerous for at least one family.

The possible tornado tore down Edward and Cathy Levandowski’s back fence before blowing the roof off their bedroom.

“I went in my bedroom and I started going squish, squish, squish. And I looked up, and I said, ‘Oh, there’s a little bit of light coming through’,” Cathy Levandowski said.

Sky 2 surveyed the damage Tuesday evening and captured their son up on the roof to make temporary repairs before he suddenly fell in.

“It was, I mean, totally exposed, so he came over to just kind of patch it up,” Cathy Levandowski said.

Her son is uninjured after falling on an end table inside the bedroom, but he may be sore tomorrow, she said.

The twister hit as she got ready to leave for work but stopped her from going anywhere.

“I ran in the house and I had to lock the back door because it was blowing so bad, I was afraid it was going to blow in,” she said.

They are grateful to be safe and glad the rain finally stopped. Now they’re focused on getting their house of 20 years back in order.

“We feel real fortunate just to have a little piece of the roof gone,” Cathy Levandowski said. “It could have been worse.”

Deer Park officials have since called on the American Red Cross, which is set up at Baker Ripley, 720 Fairmont in Pasadena, to assist those in need.

For residents who are without power, officials said AT&T is bringing in a temporary tower for First Net usage due to one tower being destroyed.

CenterPoint transmission feed was damaged and they have reported that 24 crews will be in the Deer Park/Pasadena location by 6:00 a.m. on Wednesday, Jan 25, 2023 to start the restoration. They will be staged at the Pasadena Convention Center. CenterPoint reported that approximately 70K people have lost power in Pasadena & Deer Park.

City of Deer Park facilities will be closed on Wednesday, Jan 25 so that city facilities can be evaluated.

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