‘This could have been prevented’: Residents raise road safety concerns after 8-year-old fatally hit by car in Kingwood

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KINGWOOD – A makeshift memorial is continuing to grow in Kings Mill Subdivision in Kingwood after an 8-year-old boy was killed while riding his bike.

Whether you’re running or walking your dog, the intersection of South Kings Mill Lane and Gallant Knight Lane has been a point of confusion for years.

“There are three directions, but only two of them have stop signs,” David Strickler, a homeowner said.

Neighbors have had their concerns.

On Monday evening, the three-way intersection is where Stacy Delarios lost her baby boy.

“I absolutely think this could have been prevented,” she said. “His heart was bigger than his body, and I know that’s why the lord asked him to come home early.”

The Department of Public Safety is investigating. They say a 33-year-old woman was traveling westbound on South Kings Mill Lane when she hit 8-year-old Chase Delarios.

He was attempting to cross South Kings Mill Lane when he was hit. There’s no stop sign westbound even though there is a stop sign eastbound and northbound on Gallants Knight Lane.

“The stop signs don’t make sense right here,” Stacy said.

KPRC2 went to Montgomery County for answers.

A transportation engineer confirmed when the plans were submitted in 2013 it was only for two stop signs. It was approved, but they couldn’t answer why there was not a stop sign westbound on South King Mill Lane.

So, KPRC2 reached out to Pct. 4. Commissioner James Mett and his office responded by saying they hadn’t received complaints prior to this tragedy.

“However, some residents have now reached out to us requesting additional signage. In the coming days, we plan to examine and research the issue to determine the best course of action moving forward,” a spokesperson said. “We take the concerns of all Precinct 4 residents seriously, and strive to make our streets as safe as possible for everyone.”

Stacy said right now she is focused on honoring her son.

Chase was going door to door raising money for his school’s fundraiser at Kings Manor Elementary. Now, they want to finish what the vibrant second grader started.

“We just want to blow it out of the park for him,” Delarios said. “We’ve just been asking people if they want to donate $2 or $3 just so it can be his legacy to win.”

To donate to the fundraiser, click here.

KPRC2 reached out to County Judge Mark Keough’s office on Wednesday. After speaking with us, they reached out to Mett’s office and they looked into the area and determined a stop sign is needed.

The sign will be installed for westbound traffic on South Kings Mill Lane on Thursday.

Here's what we know

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