US post office in Stafford reaches one step closer to being renamed after late mayor Leonard Scarcella

Stafford Mayor Leonard Scarcella passed away today. (KPRC)

STAFFORD, Texas – A bill designed to rename one U.S. post office in Stafford to the “Leonard Scarcella Post Office Building” has recently passed in the House of Representatives.

With a final vote of 397 – 29, it is now one step closer to becoming official.

Leonard Scarcella, the late mayor of Stafford, is known for being the longest-serving mayor in the nation. The bill was proposed by U.S. Rep. Al Green who worked closely with Scarcella in the past.

After his passing in 2020, Green released the following statement:

When this pandemic hit, Mayor Scarcella and I began brainstorming ways to help the community, as his city had one of the first coronavirus cases in the State of Texas. When we needed event space for a press conference and for the personal protective equipment (PPE) donation drive, he offered the Stafford Centre. When we needed to host Small Business Administration (SBA) webinars for coronavirus-impacted small businesses, he was fully on board. If there was ever a way for Mayor Scarcella to help me in my desire to serve the residents of Stafford – which are also my constituents, he did not hesitate.

In his 50 years of service to the community of Stafford, Scarcella was devoted to further developing the image and quality of life of his hometown.

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“Mayor Scarcella transformed the small, vibrant Texas town he grew up in by helping create the Stafford Municipal School District, establishing the Stafford Civic Center, eliminating city property taxes, and building the Houston Community College Stafford campus,” Green said.

Congressman Green was uniquely positioned to collaborate with Scarcella in that he represents southwest Houston and surrounding areas, the city of Stafford included. Green intends for the post office’s renaming to honor Scarcella.

“My desire is that this post office will serve as a permanent reminder of his service, inspire emerging leaders, and help keep his legacy alive for generations to come,” Green said.

The renamed post office is located at 4110 Bluebonnet Drive in Stafford.