Texas Southern University hosting ASA HBCU/MSI Technology Infusion Road Tour this week

The NASA "HBCU/MSI Technology Infusion Road Tour arrives on campus on the heels of TSU and NASA's Johnson Space Center announcing a historic Space Act Agreement, a partnership that will bring life-transforming opportunities to TSU students, while diversifying NASA’s workforce. (From TSU's website) (Texas Southern University)

HOUSTON – Texas Southern University is hosting the NASA “HBCU/MSI Technology Infusion Road Tour” from Sept. 13-15, which will give the university and its students access to internship opportunities and provide faculty and staff with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) and research-focused partnership opportunities.

According to a news release from the university, the tour will also provide TSU with a platform to showcase its research capabilities.

Each day, attendees will be invited to networking sessions with participating federal government representatives, NASA Center leads, and prime contractors to introduce and build relationships to enhance partnerships and maximize opportunities.

According to the university, the final day of the event will include technical workshops catering to those new to federal partnerships, as well as to those who are more seasoned, to assist participants in strengthening their organization’s readiness to apply for NASA funding.

“To do this at Texas Southern University is an honor,” said Dr. Michelle Penn-Marshall, Vice President of Research & Innovation. “It’s an honor because it affords us the opportunity to showcase the talents and abilities of our outstanding faculty, staff, and students, specifically as it relates to research and STEM participation.”

The three-day interactive event will take place primarily in the Science Center.

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