Do you recognize these Houston-area little ones, teachers who saw Queen Elizabeth II in 1991?

The class wrote to The Queen and received a reply from Windsor Castle

HOUSTON – KPRC 2 was there when Queen Elizabeth II visited Houston in 1991. Were you there too? Recognize any one in the video? Let us know in the comments section below.

In the video pulled from the KPRC 2 archives, a teacher from Westlawn Elementary School in La Marque explains that the students were learning to write by writing letters. They shipped a bundle of letters to The Queen and someone associated with her Majesty wrote back.

Students at a La Marque elementary school received a reply from Windsor Castle after writing a letter to Queen Elizabeth II in 1991 (KPRC/

Below is a transcript of that letter from Windsor Castle.


The First Grade Pupils,

C/O Miss C. Sam,

Westlawn Elementary School,

1217 Vauthier,

La Marque, Texas 77568,


I am commanded by The Queen to write and thank you all for your letters.

Her Majesty thought it was kind of you to write to her as you did, but because of the large number of letters received each day, I am afraid it is not possible for The Queen to reply personally.

I am to say how much Her Majesty is looking forward to her visit to Texas in May, and I enclose some leaflets which you may like to have.

The Queen wishes me to thank you all once again for your letters which she was pleased to receive.

Susan H. (Last name not clear)

April 17, 1991