Community activists call for Pct. 1 deputy constable to be fired after video appears to show him ‘brake check’ cyclists

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HOUSTON – On Tuesday, community activists called for the termination of a Harris County Precinct One Deputy Constable accused of intentionally driving his patrol unit recklessly during a confrontation with a group of bicyclists.

KPRC2 first reported the dispute last week, including a cell phone video of the confrontation.

“When you see the video, you see the cop swerve, he comes all the way over from the far left lane and swerved into the far right lane on purpose. Then you see this cop get in front of the bikers, let them get close, and then jam on his brakes to force them to try to run into the back of him, and some of the bikers come off the bikes trying to catch themselves to stop from running into the back of him,” said community activist Quannel X during a press conference Tuesday.

The incident occurred near the intersection of North Main and Cavalcade on June 30. Scott Hilliard said he was riding his bike with the group and witnessed the ordeal, including the deputy cutting off bicyclists.

“I was afraid. I’ll be honest, I was afraid,” said Hilliard as he recounted what he saw. “You see him brake check people. You see him get out taunt and intimidate people. You see him drive in oncoming traffic in the oncoming direction.”

Hilliard said the move was intentional and community activists also agree.

“That behavior needs to be held accountable. Alan Rosen needs to get rid of this guy and TCOLE needs to take his license,” said Dr. Candace Matthews, of the Rainbow Push Coalition.

KPRC2′s initial reporting included a statement from Harris County Precinct One Constable Alan Rosen, who said he reviewed the deputy’s dash cam video.

That video has not been released to the media.

Constable Rosen said, “it appears both parties, the deputy and the cyclists on the scene, were not conducting themselves in a safe manner. The cyclists were dangerously impacting other citizens, riding into oncoming traffic lanes and were taking over an entire intersection of traffic.”

But bicyclists on the road that night disagree.

“What I do dispute is their assertion that the bikers were somehow solely responsible for this or more – or the equation of the deputy’s behavior and the bikers’ behavior,” Hilliard said.

Hilliard and others said this was an unlawful use of force. They want the deputy in question fired, as well as the Harris County District Attorney to levy charges.

In the meantime, Constable Rosen said Precinct One’s internal affairs division is investigating. Rosen said he will make a final decision on the deputy constable’s fate based on their findings.

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