Another former Langham Creek High School teacher accused of sexual relationship with student, court doc says

HOUSTON – Within weeks of a Langham Creek High School teacher being charged with sexual assault of a child under 17 years of age -- a second former teacher is facing allegations of having an improper relationship with a student.

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Megan Marie Weaver, 31, has been charged with an improper relationship with a student. According to charging documents, Weaver was an English teacher at Langham Creek High School. She resigned on April 13, according to Cy-Fair Independent School District.

According to court records, on or about Nov. 20. 2021, Weaver engaged in sexual intercourse with a Langham Creek High School student at her home.

Records show that on March 23, the school was notified about the relationship after another student told her teacher that there was a “predator” teacher having multiple affairs with students. The student allegedly told the school’s principal that another student told her that a boy she was dating told her that he had allegedly “hooked up” with a teacher.

According to court documents, the school investigated one of the students who reported the information. The female student stated that the boy told her that he and Weaver began talking on Snapchat and that they allegedly had sex. The student said he told her that he and Weaver were drinking alcoholic drinks and then had intercourse. He allegedly showed a photo of the accused teacher.

According to court records, the school officials visited the home of the student’s parents. The male student involved, at first denied having any relationship with the teacher but later admitted to the relationship and how it began, according to documents. He stated that he gave Weaver little compliments to let her know he was interested. Then, he said one night on the weekend, Weaver allegedly called him through Remind 101, a message system used by teachers. He said it was before Thanksgiving in 2021. He stated that when she called, she was allegedly drunk and had just gotten into a fight with her husband.

According to documents, the student said that is the night they set a date for him to go over to her home. He said the next day, Weaver called him and told him that he cannot tell anyone about the phone call, but she allegedly kept calling through Remind 101. He said at some point, Weaver invited him to her home. He said when he went to Weaver’s house, she initially told him “I have one rule - no sex,” records show. He said they started drinking tequila and after a few drinks later, she told him “Okay one kiss,” which led to the two having sexual intercourse in her bedroom.

During the investigation, the student’s phone bill showed numerous calls from Oct. 30 to Dec. 21 between Weaver and the student, according to court records.

Several other students were interviewed about Weaver’s relationship with the student, where they also stated that Weaver would have the boys hang out in her class, records show.

Investigators said they had enough evidence to file charges against Weaver.

In March, KPRC 2 obtained a statement from Cy-Fair Independent School District regarding the incident:

“Upon receiving notification of allegations of an improper relationship between Megan Weaver and a student, Ms. Weaver was removed from campus and placed on administrative leave, pending a complete investigation. Ms. Weaver has not been arrested.”

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