Loved ones remember the life of a hero, 27-year-old Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy Robert Adam Howard

HARRIS COUNTY – Loved ones remember the life of a hero, 27-year-old Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy Robert Adam Howard, who passed away Wednesday afternoon after a crash on SH-249.

Howard was a father of his 2-year-old daughter and 5-year-old son, husband to his beloved wife, a dear friend, and hero.

His loved ones said his care and service touched so many hearts.

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“His heart was literally the size of his frame,” Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy and partner Raymond Garivey III said.

Garivey III and Howard started at the Harris County Sheriff’s Office together, went through the academy, and served in the Gang Unit.

Until a couple of weeks ago when the partnerships shifted, they had been together every day for years.

“He was 6′4. He’s just one of those guys who walked into a room [and] you have to get to him. You want to meet him, you want to talk to him. He was just a great guy,” Garivey said. “He just was a protector not only to the citizens that he served but his partners. First guy in, last guy out.”

Garivey said, of all people, Howard was special because of the way he made it a priority to protect and care for those he loved, even strangers. He said the community has lost a great hero.

“Something about having him on scene made me feel safer. Made me want to be better and do better, and I’ll dedicate the rest of my service to him,” Garivey said. 

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Even Garivey’s father, Freeport Police Chief, Raymond Garivey II knew Howard’s impact on his community and said that the two were like blood brothers.

“Young officers out there trying to save the world,” the elder Garviey said. “They would tell me stories of the bad guys they took off the streets, the gangsters they arrested, the drug dealers they took to jail. He’d give his life to help others.”

Garivey said his partner was an even better husband and father who was always there for his family.

The fallen deputy’s father said the support of the law enforcement community has helped.

“This day in age, it’s hard to find real genuine people and I am thankful that he chose me to be his friend. He makes you better,” Garivey said.

They say he will NEVER be forgotten and that his brothers in blue will be there for the family for whatever they need.