San Jacinto College offers adult learners chance to finish with ‘Last Step Scholarship’

PASADENA, Texas – Adult learners who had to put their educational goal on hold because of COVID-19, a family issue, or for other reasons, can now take that last step and complete their certificate or degree with tuition, books and class materials covered at San Jacinto College with the Last Step Scholarship. Thanks to a generous anonymous donor, they can move into a good-paying position and the career of their dreams.

“This scholarship is specifically for adults who started their pursuit of an associate degree or workforce certificate, but were unable to complete it,” said Teri Crawford, San Jacinto College

Vice Chancellor for External Relations and the San Jacinto College Foundation Executive Director. “This is a chance for adult learners to continue the path they started and make the move into the job they always wanted. We are incredibly grateful to our donor who made this possible for students to complete their higher education credential.”

To qualify for the scholarship, applicants must:

·      Be at least 24 years old

·      Have completed at least half the credits needed to earn a credential (15 credit hours for a certificate or 30 credit hours for an associate degree)

·      Have stopped out of college for a minimum of one full semester (not been enrolled at any college in spring 2022)

·      Apply for financial aid (but do not have to qualify for financial aid)

“For many adult students, this scholarship could be the difference between completing their credential or not,” said Dr. Brenda Hellyer, Chancellor of San Jacinto College. “We are very thankful for donors that recognize the value in finishing an education and are willing to support that endeavor.”

To apply for the Last Step scholarship or learn more, visit