Bipartisan lawsuit filed against Harris County Elections Administrator Isabel Longoria over alleged violations of Harris County voters

Here's what we know about the recent lawsuit that have been filed

HOUSTON – A bipartisan lawsuit was filed Monday against the Harris County Elections Administrator.

Judge George Risner, Democrat candidate for Harris County Commissioner Precinct 2; Richard Vega, Republican Candidate for Harris County Commissioner Precinct 2; and Bianca Gracia, Republican candidate for Senate District 11, have filed the lawsuit against Isabel Longoria.

The petition claims that Longoria committed unlawful acts by intentionally, willfully, and knowingly failing to adequately allocate equipment, paper ballots that are capable of preserving the voters’ intent, and failing to operate voting centers during the posted hours.

The lawsuit stated that the actions of Longoria have violated petitioners statutory right to a safe, accurate and efficient election, to produce records that will allow an accurate audit.

“This lawsuit is bipartisan,” said attorney Oliver Jason Brown. “It means that both sides agree that there’s a problem and it needs to be fixed. We have to end this divide over elections and the way that we’ll do it is through this lawsuit.”

The suit comes after 10,000 uncounted mail-in ballots were found over the weekend.

Republicans in Harris County have also filed a lawsuit against Longoria as part of their demand for answers.

On Tuesday, Longoria submitted her resignation during Commissioners Court. During a video conference, Longoria said she “didn’t meet her own standards,” as highlighted in Commissioner’s Court.

Her resignation is effective July 1, giving the county election committee to find a replacement officer to oversee the 2022 Election.


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