Harris County GOP files lawsuit against Harris County Elections Administrator Isabel Longoria over 10,000 vote count discrepancy

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HOUSTON – The Harris County Republican Party announced that it has filed a lawsuit against Harris County Elections Administrator Isabel Longoria during a press conference Monday afternoon.

Harris County Republican Party Chairman Cindy Siegel, along with Texas State Senator Paul Bettencourt, HCRP Legal Counsel Steve Mitby and the Party’s Legal Team, discussed the 10,000 vote count discrepancy and accused Longoria of mismanaging the election.

“It’s time for her to either resign or for her to be fired,” said Republican State Senator, Paul Bettencourt, District 7.

The lawsuit claims the March 1st primary was “the worst election fiasco in Texas history.” It goes on to list several issues voters and election watchers faced: “Incorrect ballots to certain polling locations, some ballots on the wrong size paper, [failing] to complete the county of ballots within 24-hours of the polls closing.”

Siegel said they filed a lawsuit over a breach of contract against Longoria. In the paperwork, the attorney for the Republican Party claims Longoria breached the Election Services Agreement and prevented the party from “completing the Republican party General Primary, required party volunteers and staff to spend excessive time to address {Longoria’s] breaches, and have imposed costs on the party to communicate with members regarding election issues and the need to file this action.”

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The party is seeking “damages, costs, and attorney’s fees resulting from {Longoria’s} breaches of the Election Services Contract.”

Siegel wants Longoria to either resign or get fired. She always wants Longoria’s entire management team removed.

“I am asking for her and her team to be replaced,” she said. “But that’s not good enough, I think we have to go a step beyond, having someone totally independent of the county not affiliated with the Republican Party or Democratic Party that we have someone that can bring the voter’s confidence back.”

The Harris County Elections department released the following statement Tuesday regarding the lawsuit:

We are reviewing with the Harris County Attorney the lawsuit filed by the Harris County Republican Party. This lawsuit includes many exaggerated and misleading statements regarding what actually happened on Election Day in Harris County. Instead of working together to finalize counting the votes, the party is pursuing litigation to undermine the integrity of elections in this state and further deflect from the appalling impacts of SB1, including the almost 11,000 ballots flagged in Harris County for rejection. We will address each allegation in court filings as appropriate.

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