Bells for Abigail: 10-year-old cancer fighter hopes to be sworn into 100 different law enforcement agencies

HOUSTON – Devarjaye Daniel has a big goal, and he’s nearly halfway there!

Devarjaye said he wants to be sworn in as an honorary police officer by 100 law enforcement agencies.

The 10-year-old has terminal brain and spinal cancer, and he wants to continue the legacy of Abigail Arias by bringing awareness to childhood cancer.

That’s the motivation behind his mission to become an honorary officer, 100 times over.

Devarjaye had already been sworn in by 10 agencies. Then, on Wednesday afternoon at the Brazoria County Courthouse, he was sworn in by 35 agencies at the same time.

His total stands at 45, and he is confident he will reach 100.

KPRC 2 will continue to follow Devarjaye’s journey.

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