2 workers file $10 million lawsuit following ExxonMobil Baytown fire

BAYTOWN, Texas – Two workers are among the plaintiffs who have filed a $10 million lawsuit against ExxonMobil and Team Industrial Services following last week’s fire in Baytown.

Court documents said the two plaintiffs, employed by Colt Services, and two other people from Team Industrial were tasked with performing a wire wrap, a process used to stop a leak.

The lawsuit said a Team Industrial employee who was supposed to make sure a stream was sprayed on the area to prevent sparks failed to do so and another Team Industrial employee, using a wrench essentially as a hammer, created a spark causing the flammable gas to ignite.

All four were knocked down and engulfed in flames, according to court records.

The lawsuit alleges negligence, saying both plaintiffs were burned all over their bodies and, to try and avoid further injury, were forced to jump down more than 20 feet to safety.

ExxonMobil said in a statement, “We are aware of the lawsuit filed and are currently reviewing and evaluating the claim. Our number one priority is the safety of our workforce and the community. We are working diligently to better understand the incident and continue to cooperate with authorities.”

KPRC 2 called Team Industrial Services but was unable to reach them on Tuesday night.

The lawsuit claims ExxonMobil issued a permit for the work without taking appropriate precautions and it’s not the only lawsuit the company is facing.

A separate and different lawsuit, filed only against ExxonMobil, said the blast knocked back a bolting technician, burning him and embedding debris in his face and body.