Couple married nearly 40 years killed in hit-and-run crash in southwest Houston on Christmas Eve

A couple who was married more than 40 years was killed in the crash

HOUSTON – The couple who was killed in a crash on Christmas Eve night has been identified.

The medical examiner’s office said Juan and Marta Sapon were killed during the hit-and-run on the 7100 block of S. Gessner.

Family members described the couple as “inseparable” and married nearly 40 years.

The family note said the couple was on their way to Christmas Eve mass when they were killed.

“Marta sang as part of the choir, and Don Juan enjoyed playing his guitar for the church,” one family member said.

Authorities said the couple was stopped in their Camry when they attempted to cross the road and a driver in a Chevrolet truck hit their vehicle.

“Had the Chevrolet truck been traveling at a close to normal speed, the Camry would have been fine,” said Sean Teare, the chief of vehicular crimes with the Harris County District Attorney’s office.

Teare said witnesses watched as the suspect ran away from the scene. The suspect, who was later identified as Alessio Bevinetto, was arrested at his apartment.

Bevinetto was charged with two counts of failing to render aid. Teare said he may also face additional charges.

According to authorities, Bevinetto was likely intoxicated during the crash but he isn’t charged because they cannot prove he had alcohol in his system at the time of the crash since he left the scene.

Neighbors called for the city to consider adding traffic lights at South Gessner and Neff Road. Some say the area is known for speeding.

“Like, nothing is ever done. There are always major accidents right here and lives are being lost,” said neighbor Lisa Machado.

“Put up a light. I really think putting up a stoplight. A light is necessary because it is too much,” said neighbor Yorbeli Martinez. “Way too many accidents. All the time accidents, one after another.”

The family has set up a GoFundMe to help with the couple’s funeral expenses.

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