‘The boys need to be found’: Texas EquuSearch looking for more victims killed under prolific Houston serial killer ‘The Candy Man’

Houston history: Prolific serial killer Dean Corll

PASADENA, Texas – A search has begun in Pasadena as Texas Equusearch officials are looking for more possible victims who were killed by one of Houston’s most prolific serial killers.

The search took place around the 2000 block of Lamar Dr. in the Pasadena area, where Dean Corll, a Houston man who became one of the the worst serial killers of all time, was shot and killed 48 years ago.

Tim Miller, founder of Texas EquuSearch told KPRC 2 that nothing was found as of Wednesday, but the search will continue on Thursday at the same site, depending on the weather.

Corll, a former candy store owner who was dubbed the “The Candy Man,” killed at least 28 young boys in the Houston area and buried them in separate areas around Greater Houston. His killing spree ended when he was fatally shot multiple times with a .22 caliber pistol by his accomplice at the time, Elmer Wayne Henley, on Aug. 8. 1973.

In an update from Texas EquuSearch Wednesday evening, officials said they believe there may be more victims buried around the area. They will be using a tool called “Ground Penetration Radar” that will help search crews to potentially find more victims buried underground.

“We have been researching the murders very intensely over the last few months, and we believe there is a good probability that we can find, and recover some of the still-missing boys,” Texas Equusearch said in a news release. “We will soon be working with investigators from the Pasadena Police Department and other law enforcement agencies to find more of those young boys’ human remains. The boys need to be found, and given the respectful, descent funeral they deserve.”


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‘Candy Man’ Dean Corll was shot dead 48 years ago. Texas EquuSearch will soon begin searching for the remains of any additional victims

Houston history: Prolific serial killer Dean Corll

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