VIDEO: White Sox fan punched by Astros fans during ALDS Game 1 at Minute Maid Park

White Sox fan punched after having beer poured on him

HOUSTON – A video from Game 1 of the Astros ALDS run is now going viral. The video shows a back-and-forth fight between fans at Minute Maid Park on Thursday.

The cellphone video, which was taken by fan Michal Cave, shows a White Sox fan walking up the stands and then suddenly an Astros fan pouring beer over his head.

The White Sox fan then pushes the Astros fan who poured beer on him while another Astros fan punched him in the head. The White Sox fan also got punched by the fan who poured beer on his head.

HPD said the White Sox fan caused the initial disturbance and was intoxicated so they took him to a sobering center. No arrests were made.