Attorneys representing 6 cyclists hit in Waller County conducting their own civil investigation

Attorney’s representing 6 cyclists hit in Waller County conducting their own civil investigation

WALLER COUNTY – On Wednesday, attorneys Charlie Thomas and Peter Wilborn, Bike Law Director Rachael Maney, and Bike Houston Executive Director Joe Cutrufo held a virtual press conference to discuss the ongoing investigation involving six injured cyclists.

The cyclists were hit by a 16-year-old while training for the Ironman in Waller County. The crash happened on Business 290 East on Sept. 25.

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The attorneys representing the cyclist said they are conducting their own civil investigation into what happened.

During the virtual conference, attorney Charlie Thomas said the cyclists are alive and recovering.

‘We have that to be thankful for at least. There is a multitude of a variety of injuries, depending on the person, from fractures to traumatic brain injuries to soft tissue issues and everything in between,” Thomas said.

The crash report revealed the 16-year-old driver of the pickup truck was intentionally blowing exhaust on the riders and was reaching for his cell phone to call his dad and struck the bicyclists before he could react. The teen also had a 17-year-old in the passenger seat when the crash happened.

“The responding law enforcement did not make an arrest or issue a citation at the scene to the driver. He was released without any charges,” Thomas said.

Because of the ongoing investigation, Thomas was limited to what he could say but said the six cyclists were not interviewed at the scene of the crash.

“And so, it set off concerns on our end as to the adequacy and the accuracy of any investigation that happened at the scene,” Thomas said.

Since the incident, a special prosecutor has been named to the case and Thomas says his clients are focused on recovering.

“So, to some degree, it’s just wondering if there’s going to be some level of justice that catches up with the driver. Will he be cited? Will he be charged with something that’s appropriate with the actions he did that day?” Thomas asked.

As of Wednesday, no charges have been filed against the teen driver. The teen’s attorney did not want to make a comment about the case.

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