Bond set at $1 million for man accused of dragging woman to death during carjacking in east Houston

HOUSTON – A man has been arrested and charged after a woman was run over and killed during a carjacking in east Houston on Tuesday.

Marcus Wayne Brock, 55, was charged with capital murder. His bond has been set at $1 million.

The incident happened in the 500 block of Uvalde, in the parking lot of a church. Last Thursday, another woman was run over and killed after her purse was stolen near the McDonald’s in the same area.

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Police said Brock stole a cell phone from an auto parts store and was chased by employees. Investigators said Brock ran across the street to a church where he jumped into a woman’s vehicle.

Officers said Brock tried to push the woman, later identified as 41-year-old Jessica Garza, out of her vehicle, but she had her seatbelt on. He then took off as the woman was trying to get out, hitting six or seven vehicles before ending up near the corner of Uvalde Road and Louisville Street. In court, it was said that Garza got stuck because of her seatbelt but according to Brock, he and Garza were fighting over control of the steering wheel.

“She was trying to exit the vehicle, but couldn’t because of her seatbelt,” said Belinda Null with HPD.

The woman's brother was shot and killed in April

After the vehicle crashed into a pole, police said Brock ran, but they were able to locate him with the help of witnesses.

Brock was arrested by police and later charged with capital murder.

Surveillance video from a business nearby shows the suspect crashing into a pole before getting out of the vehicle and fleeing the scene.

Video shows the alleged suspect crash the woman's vehicle before walking off

Prosecutors: Magistrate judge wrong on setting $1 million bond

Prosecutors from the Harris County District Attorney’s Office had requested no bond be issued for Brock and challenged the magistrate judge’s decision to set bond at $1 million.

“That’s not something that should be done down in Probable Cause court,” said Sean Teare, chief prosecutor, vehicular crimes, Harris County District Attorney’s Office.

Teare said the reason has much to do with accountability, citing the fact that magistrate judges are not elected by the public.

Teare said the responsibility to grant bond in a capital murder case should be left up to district court judge.

Brock’s case has been assigned to Judge Nikita Harmon in the 176th District Court.

“This individual is what we call a habitual offender. He has been in and out of prison numerous times since the late 80s,” Teare said.

Brock has been charged with Capital Murder, which means a judge is allowed by law to forgo issueing a bond.

Teare wished the Magistrate had kept the state’s suggestion — or referred the decision to the 176th Criminal District Court.

”That’s something that the elected district court judge should make a decision on whether or not they want that person out on a bond,” he said.

Teare said prosecutors will request that Judge Harmon revoke bond Friday morning, during Brock’s first appearance in district court.

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