1 of 3 men accused of killing Spring couple in execution-style murder bonds out

The couple's children say they are still waiting on justice

HOUSTON – It has been three years since the brutal murder of a couple inside their Spring home.

To this day, the children of the beloved couple are continuing to fight for justice. With one of their parents’ accused killers out on bond, the children are speaking out in hopes to be heard.

“They worked their butts off,” said Michelle Lam while remembering her mother and father Bao and Jenny Lam who were both 61-years-old when they died.

“They emphasized education and working hard and doing what’s right,” Rich Lam, 38, said.

Rich said he will never forget the love of his parents and the lessons they taught them. He said they were loving parents who worked together to own several Subway locations throughout Greater Houston.

“My parents did this to support us and let us achieve our dreams,” Michelle said.

Both Rich and Michelle said they will never forget the tragic crime that took the lives of their mother and father in January 2018. The couple was brutally murdered, execution-style, inside their Spring home on Glorietta.

Harris County Sheriff’s Office deputies who have been investigating the double-murder said three suspects waited to get into the gated subdivision, located in the 16500 block of Glorietta Turn in Spring, then waited for the couple to enter the garage, and forced them into their home.

“These three men, they committed the most heinous act,” Rich said.

Investigators arrested Khari Kendrick, his half-brother Aakiel Kendrick and Erick Peralta. All three men were charged with capital murder.

Investigators said the accused killers tied the couple’s hands and feet and shot them in the head.

“They had no remorse,” Michelle said.

The Harris County sheriff also noted that it was “bizarre” that the accused killers were seen on camera going in and out of the subdivision and home even after the couple was shot.

“They even took my dad’s car out for a joy ride,” Michelle said.

Now, court documents show one of the accused killers, 24-year-old Erick Peralta, posted his $350,000 bond. The family of Bao and Jenny Lam were disheartened and disappointed.

“We cannot forget what they did to my parents and why they should still remain behind bars,” Rich said.

The Harris County District Attorney’s Office released the following statement:

Our prosecutor agreed with a defense-generated request asking the judge to set a $350,000 bond, as that is a hefty sum, and an appropriate amount, when coupled with an array of public safety conditions we requested, such as 24 hours a day house arrest and requiring the defendant to wear a GPS monitor to track his movements.

Following a hearing last year, the judge set bond at $350,000 for two similarly situated co-defendants in this case. The judge has agreed to our request that if the defendant is released on bond to supply prosecutors with all records relating to his pre-trial supervision, and if he breaks any conditions, the state will immediately ask that the judge order him back into custody.

Rich said he does not believe enough is being done to protect the public from violent criminals like the ones who murdered his parents.

“In my opinion, [the bond] is not high enough,” Rich said.

The Lam siblings said they will continue to fight for justice for their parents. The other two suspects, Khari and Aakiel are still behind bars. Their trials are expected to begin in December.

“Out of all of this, all I want is some justice,” Michelle said.

Both Rich and Michelle said their parents’ loving sacrifices and hard work will never be forgotten.