LIST: Here’s where you can take kids for COVID testing in Harris County

At Next Level Urgent Care in Spring, medical professionals are swabbing all ages. No referral is needed.

However, families are discovering it is not always easy to find a COVID-19 test for a minor.

Dr. Brent Kaziny, a pediatric emergency medicine expert with Texas Children’s Hospital, said more patients are arriving at the ER for a COVID test. However, with hospitals already crowded, he recommended that patients rethink when they come to the emergency room.

“If it’s really that need for a test that’s driving you to go to one of those sites for care, see what other options you have available to you to just go get a test,” he said.

Kaziny said most kids still have mild symptoms and will recover, but testing can be beneficial to look for delayed complications of COVID such as MIS-C.

“You know we went a long time during the summer, where we weren’t really seeing patients with MIS-C. (But) we’re starting to see that again, so it’s definitely something that we are keeping an eye on,” he said.

Providers can bill your insurance for a test. Through a lot of insurance companies testing is free but some types of tests could cost up to $150.

Regular tests typically take 1-2 days to get results. However, paying more could get results faster.

Here are some options, for all ages, no referral needed:

American Family Care (AFC)


CVS (must be 3-years-old and up)

Harris County sites

Next Level Urgent Care

Walgreens (must be 3-years-old and up)

These locations may require a visit with a pediatrician before testing, but can test all ages:

Legacy Community Health

Memorial Hermann Urgent Care

Night Light Pediatrics

Texas Children’s

Urgent Care for Kids