West Houston neighborhood fighting to keep peacocks after HOA cites complaints

HOUSTON – A group of residents is fighting to keep peacocks in their West Houston neighborhood. Fans of the exotic birds told KPRC 2 that the peafowls have become part of the Heathlake community.

Don Brennan, who has lived in the area for 18 years, said he favors keeping the birds around.

“People know this neighborhood because of the birds, and they don’t harm anybody. They’re beautiful,” he said.

James Peck is also a big supporter of the peacocks.

“I’m not sure what sort of spirit it takes to banish beauty, and that’s why I’m here. I love the birds,” he said.

Not everyone shares that same feeling. Some residents who did not want to go on camera said the peafowl are loud, messy and eat the neighborhood plants.

In an email to residents, the Heathlake Community HOA said the board had received several complaints regarding the peafowls. Therefore, they are conducting a survey to gain the community’s overall sentiment.

The HOA released a statement to KPRC 2: “The intention of the Heathlake board is to determine whether the presence of the peafowl in the community is desirable or not. An electronic survey is now being conducted. Results will be available after August 23.

Resident Debra Konopko said the survey consists of two questions.

“The survey says based on the outcome of the survey the board will make a decision regarding what to do with the peafowl,” she said.

The survey has forced some residents to launch a save the peacocks campaign. The signs of support can be seen throughout the neighborhood.

“We’re hoping this survey will be counted honestly and I think it will show without question that the vast majority of the people want the birds to stay and we’re hoping the board will go along and then start doing the work they are supposed to do, they shouldn’t be worried about birds,” Brennan said.

If the outcome of the survey is to remove the peacocks, the HOA explained it would work with the community to find the most humane and effective way to accomplish that.

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