‘We’re both in a lot of pain’: Mother, daughter still recovering from DWI crash caused by Lakeview PD sergeant

Driver hit head-on in Seabrook

SEABROOK – A Seabrook mother involved in a DWI crash in June wants the person responsible to be held accountable.

Dana Schaub said on June 5 she was driving to pick up a late-night pizza with her 26-year old daughter Sarah when a Ford F-150 hit them head-on.

Schaub said both she and her daughter are now dealing with pain in their back and neck.

“We are both in a lot of pain, both having to go to the ER twice for this, and we are under a doctor’s care right now,” Schaub said.

The Seabrook Police Department said the driver of the pickup was 50-year-old Tangie Beaton of League City.

Beaton was later identified as an off-duty police sergeant with the Lakeview Police Department and charged with DWI.

“To think that someone who took an oath to protect us from people like that could actually do that, it was just hard to accept,” said Schaub.

The Lakeview Police Department said they conducted an internal investigation after the crash and terminated Beaton on June 28.

According to the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Personal Status Report document on Beaton, she has worked with the Lakeview Police Department since November 2006. Between 2003 and 2006, she also worked with the University of Houston Clear Lake, Webster, and Clear Lake Shores police departments for a total of 18 years of service in Texas law enforcement.

Court records show on June 5, Beaton was swerving her F-150 in and out of lanes, and then swerved into a center turning lane where she hit Schaub’s Nissan head-on the 3600 block of NASA Parkway.

When Seabrook police responded to the crash, authorities cited in court records that they tried to question Beaton about how much she had to drink and where she was coming from, but she replied, “I don’t remember,” to each question.

The Seabrook Police Department officials cited in records that Beaton smelled of alcohol, had dilated pupils, and slow, slurred speech. Documents said Beaton was swaying while standing and complained of a leg injury to her right leg, but the documents added, “It should be noted, the Defendant was chewing mint gum on the scene and later admitted to being the sole occupant of the 2013 Ford F-150 at the time of the incident.”

Schaub has since hired attorney Barney Dill with the Abraham and Watkins law firm.

Dill told KPRC that not only was his client and her daughter injured, but Schaub also lost her only source of income.

Schaub delivers food and can longer work because her SUV was totaled in the crash.

“We are preparing this case for litigation, and obviously, we are investigating and we are in the process of obtaining information and investigating the claim further as we prepare to file suit,” said Dill.

Schaub’s friends have set up a GoFundMe to help with medical expenses.

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