Houston-area rescue group, vet clinic team up to assist dog in need of surgery

HOUSTON – A Houston-area rescue group is devoted to helping dogs in need, especially golden retrievers.

On Thursday morning, Angel, an 8-month older golden retriever puppy was getting ready for a potentially life-changing procedure. The pup has a medical condition involving her bladder that Dr. Daniel Jardes with Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists in Houston said can lead to a bacterial infection if untreated.

“She leaks urine all the time because the tube that takes urine down to her kidneys and her bladder go right to her urethra,” said the veterinarian.

Dr. Jardes planned to perform surgery on Angel, using a camera to see what’s going on with her urethra.

“Then, we’ll use a laser in order to open that urethra back to its normal location allowing her to dump urine into her bladder.”

Angel is getting the care that she needs thanks to a guardian angel, Laurie Neale, President of Golden Beginnings Golden Retriever Rescue based in Seabrook.

“We found her through an ad on Craigslist,” Neale said. “Free to a good home. That always concerns us because you never know where they’re going to end up.”

Neale said Angel’s owner, who lives outside of Austin, gave her up due to her costly medical condition. The rescue group was able to raise money to help pay for Angel’s roughly $3,000 surgery.

The group has helped other golden retrievers over the years, like former foster Arlo, who was found living under a house in Vidor with rats. Neale said Arlo is now living with a loving family in West University.

“We go to shelters,” Neale said. “We have owner surrenders, such as Angel, and we have strays. We try to help them out.”

Dr. Jardes said rescue groups, such as Golden Beginnings Golden Retriever Rescue, are integral to the work he does.

“Rescues have been a huge part of veterinary medicine,” he said.

Neale said the goal is to find a forever home for Angel but that’s delayed due to a surgery setback. Angel’s deformities were so severe Dr. Jardes couldn’t get a camera inside her ureters for a closer look. Angel will now need reconstructive surgery in a few weeks.

Surgery is very invasive, very expensive, has complications that can occur but on the positive side there is about a 75% chance of full recovery,” Neale said. “We just feel like it’s something we need to do.”

Both Neale and Dr. Jardes said they’re remaining hopeful the second surgery will help Angel enjoy life like a normal puppy.

If you’d like to donate to help with Angel’s surgery expenses, you can do so HERE.

For more information about the services Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists perform, visit: Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists | Houston Emergency Vet (gcvs.com).