Community coming together to help nail salon owner who was shot in Katy

KATY, Texas – A community is coming together to support a nail salon owner who was shot in Katy. He is still in the hospital but is doing okay.

Several loyal customers are now trying to help him out.

“They have become my family. They have seen my kids grow into adults and they just always take the time to go above and beyond,” Tamara Bryan said.

The Katy Nail Salon located at 21945 Katy Freeway had quite the experience after deputies say 20-year-old Joana Vara shot the owner because she was unhappy with the price of a manicure.

“I saw it on Facebook, and I was like that’s my nail guy. This is crazy. If you do not like your nails, just leave,” Kelly Brighi said.

Vara appeared before a judge and is now facing a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Her bond was set at $60,000 dollars.

The shooting left the nail salon’s owner in critical condition. Tamara Bryan created a GoFundMe page to help.

“Just letting them know that we are in this together and that we support them. We did not want them to feel like they were going through it alone. We know that it’s expensive being in the hospital, parking at the hospital, or getting food at the hospital,” she said.

The trio is hoping others will pitch in and keep the Katy community strong. Tamara’s daughter Clara had a message for the owner.

“I miss you I hope that you are doing better, and I can’t wait to see you again,” Clara said.

Officials say Vara’s sister Quetzali bonded out of jail.

If you would like to help the owner, click here.