‘We’re keeping a positive attitude’: Galleria area businesses brace for 59/610 Connector Ramp closures expected to impact drivers for months

HOUSTON – Two critical connector ramps at the interchange of the Southwest Freeway and the West Loop are closing starting this Thursday.

The project near the Galleria is about to slow down Houston for at least the rest of the year.

Major 610/59 interchange project closure: KPRC 2′s Anavid Reyes warns of major construction closures that will impact Houston drivers for months

It’s a huge headache for businesses in the area.

First, they had to survive the pandemic, now this years-long construction project could make it a lot tougher for these shops to attract and keep customers.

“I just think about the stress, and I’m just like why. Why?!” said Elva Medrano with Liberty Taco.

Liberty Taco is among those area businesses bracing for trouble, concerned that closures and the gridlock will impact their bottom line.

“We might have a downfall for a little bit, just depending on how long the construction is going to take overall,” Medrano said.

Many business owners said they are dreading the construction project.

“It would be terrible for me,” said Kim Suynh of Bayou City Cleaners.

While she knows Houstonians are used to dealing with traffic jams around the Galleria, she’s worried if it gets too bad, her loyal customers may go elsewhere.

“The customers cannot get into my business, and if we don’t have customers, we will be closed,” Suynh said.

The closure is expected to last six to eight months.

“I hope they do it fast. as fast as they can,” Suynh said.

“We’ll stay hopeful to see how our customers react, and hopefully they do come,” Medrano said.

Some area businesses are stepping up to meet the challenges that lie ahead.

“We’re keeping a positive attitude. We’re trying to get our name out there on social media and just really working with our customers, establishing relationships and hoping that they will work through with us,” said Lexi Brown with Clutch City Coffee.

“We’re just looking for a way to make money any way we can. Just using our knowledge and keep moving forward,” said Kurt Craig of Luling City Market.

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