HPD, SPCA investigating 5 different cases of animal abuse caught on camera

HOUSTON – The Houston SPCA has teamed up with local enforcement to investigate five different cases of animal abuse that were caught on camera over the past two months.

“Brutal attacks on animals, any animal especially your own pet is just not going to be tolerated. There’s cameras everywhere,” said Julie Kuenstle, with the Houston SPCA VP of Communications.

The violent acts of animal cruelty began on March 22 with the most recent one happening just two days ago.

“It’s very difficult to watch, it’s very hard to conceive how someone could do this to an innocent animal,” Kuenstle said.

The dogs in the videos can be seen being kicked, punched and beaten with a leash but thankfully all of them have been rescued.

SPCA is hoping the recent abuse will be a reminder to the public to report any sort of animal cruelty. According to the SPCA, animal abuse can escalate to people and domestic violence in the home.

“At least 60 percent of households that involve domestic violence have both children and pets,” Kuenstle said. “If you see something say something.”

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