Residents in Dickinson apartment complex complain of raw sewage issues causing horrible odor

Residents say the danger is all over the apartment complex

DICKINSON – A double dose of raw sewage. On Wednesday, we told you about a smelly and unsanitary problem in Huffman.

Now, families are dealing with a similar situation in Dickinson.

Hillary Randall has lived at the Creekside Apartments on Deats Road in Dickinson since January and has been dealing with a smelly situation for the past three months.

“There is raw sewage coming out of the pipes, out of the ground at the ends of the buildings. It’s not only my building, it’s all over the property,” she said.

Raw sewage sits outside of her kid’s bedroom at the apartment complex.

“It is very disgusting, nasty, unsanitary, and unhealthy,” Randall said.

She said workers tried to cover up the mess with tons of lime powder.

“They don’t clean it up properly whenever it happens. They just come out and spread lime over it to soak everything up.”

Randall said at random times, the sewage will seep into her home.

“For the past few three to four days, we haven’t been able to use the toilets properly because we live here but they don’t flush,” she said.

She tried stopping the wastewater from coming into her home by removing the cap on a pipe. The mother of four said she has had enough and wants the mess cleaned up.

“I pay too much money to live here to have my kids living in conditions like this. My kids are my number one priority,” Randall said.

KPRC 2 reporter Re’Chelle Turner went to the front office of the complex and the door was locked.

The city code enforcement office says they are actively working on the case. A code enforcement officer has visited the property and seen the problem. As of Thursday, charges have been filed against the property owner for health safety issues. The case is now tied up in municipal court.

Randall said it brings her some relief and she is glad that something is being done to fix the problem.

“I’m extremely happy because I don’t have the money to move right now,” she said.

The Galveston County Health District says waste discharge has to be removed before it is sanitized with a bleach solution or lime powder.

Randall says the wastewater at the apartment complex has not been cleaned up.