Mayor Turner announces Houston firefighters will receive 18% pay raise over 3 fiscal years

Houston firefighters getting 18% raise
Houston firefighters getting 18% raise

HOUSTON – Mayor Sylvester Turner joined Houston Fire Chief Sam Pena to announce the proposed pay raise for Houston firefighters.

Turner said because of the $670 million American Rescue Plan from President Joe Biden’s administration, the city will be able to use those funds to help raise firefighters’ pay.

He said under the new pay, Houston firefighters will receive an 18% increase in pay over the next three fiscal years, which will be based on qualifications. Turner said the first pay increase of 6% will begin in July, another 6% in 2023 and 6% in 2024.

In all, the city of Houston will use $115.3 million of the American Rescue plan to help with the pay increase. Turner said firefighters making $17 an hour will see an increase to $21.35 an hour.

The mayor thanked the Biden administration for putting firefighters in better standing with the city of Houston.

Pena also thanked Mayor Turner and Houston City Council for bringing firefighters’ pay wages up in the market rate.

“This is fair, just and affordable. This pay increase announced today is going to ensure that the firefighters’ salary comes within market range for their jobs,” Pena said.

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