Mom carjacked on Mother’s Day says suspects used vehicle in another theft days later

Mom carjacked on Mother's Day
Mom carjacked on Mother's Day

An Atascocita-area mother said she spent part of Mother’s Day terrified after she was carjacked at her home.

“They put a gun to my head and started screaming get out, get out,” the woman said.

She asked us not to show her face or use her name after what happened.

“Yanked me out of the car, yanked my purse off of me and I just took off running and they screeched down the street,” she said.

The woman said this happened on Sunday afternoon as she was pulling her gold BMW 328i into the garage at her home.

“Once I saw the gun, I couldn’t believe it,” she said.

Deputies from Harris County Precinct 4 Constable’s Office responded to the home. The constable’s office said it appears the victim’s vehicle was then used in a recent carjacking in Montgomery County.

A neighbor in Valley Ranch shared a video with KPRC 2 that shows a similar-looking car pull up, two people get out and run towards an SUV. The neighbor said the SUV was outside of an in-home daycare. The video shows the person dressed in red and black get inside the SUV and take off.