FBI, other agencies warn of increase in ransomware attacks against individuals

Ramsomware: How to protect yourself
Ramsomware: How to protect yourself

HOUSTON – The Better Business Bureau of Greater Houston and South Texas and the FBI are warning of an increase in ransomware, alerting individuals to be wary of unknown or misleading emails, texts, and phone calls that could lead to individuals installing ransomware on their devices.

With ransomware getting national attention after Colonial Pipeline fell victim to the scam, even the White House is taking measures to beef up its cybersecurity.

”The ransomware was a wake-up call for all industries,” said Leah Napoliello, BBB of Greater Houston and South Texas VP of Operations.

However, the BBB said it is something that can most definitely impact individuals.

“It is something everybody has to worry about including regular consumers,” Napoliello said.

Officials said they are seeing more and more ransomware attacks with more services and operations going online.

“Ransomware is basically a virus where the virus goes in and locks your computer or device or the network so that you cannot even access your own files or information, so it can be very dangerous,” Napoliello said.

It just takes a click or a phone call.