Security video shows man breaking into Humble home, taking several items

HUMBLE – A brazen burglar was caught on camera trashing a home in Humble. The man broke into the home just moments after the homeowner left.

That family simply wants to know why someone would break into their home and steal valuable items that do not belong them.

The thief parked several blocks away from the house, canvassed the area and kicked down the door in.

The break-in left the family traumatized and violated.

It happened just after 10 a.m. Thursday morning. Security camera captured the crook sneaking around the home and looking at the camera.

Moments later, the man walks around to the back of the house. He waves his hand at the back windows and even sits down on the families jacuzzi.

The man walks back to the front of the home and kicks the door open. He spends a few minutes inside grabbing credit cards, cash, watches, and other items.

He places the items inside one of the families’ bags and takes off.