Alleged messages between Deshaun Watson and accusers released by Buzbee’s office

New messages and emails released of women accusing Watson

HOUSTON – Tony Buzbee released several text messages and social media posts that he says were exchanged between the football star and some of his accusers.

The messages were released shortly after a news conference held by the Houston attorney and one of Watson’s accusers, Ashley Solis.

KPRC 2 has not been able to independently verify the authenticity of the documents provided by Buzbee’s office.

In one of the messages released by Buzbee’s office, text messages were exchanged between Watson and one of his accusers.

In the messages, Watson sent flight confirmation along with information regarding a suite that he rented at The Houstonian Hotel, Club & Spa for the massage.

The messages claim Watson also asked the massage therapist where he could rent a massage table before saying he would get one from his “team.”

Messages between the Atlanta-based therapist and Watson also show a picture of an unknown woman wearing a sports bra and shorts where Watson responded, “something like this is fine. It’s hot here.” It’s not clear what caused him to send the photo.

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In one exchange, a representative of Watson asked for a massage therapist’s Instagram account in order to prove to Watson’s girlfriend that the woman was a “real massage therapist.”

Other messages show Watson asking for a recommendation for a massage therapist and a yoga instructor while in Arizona.

Messages also show an exchange between one woman who claims she stopped working with Watson because she was “hearing stuff about him messing with other people. Like other therapists and estheticians.”

Buzbee’s office also sent in a tweet from Watson, which showed him asking a woman on Twitter for a “back massage.”

Read the text messages, tweets and social media messages below: