Alvin ISD board member facing backlash for attending Trump rally on Jan. 6

Brazoria NAACP claims she violated oath of office

ALVIN, Texas – Julie Pickren has been a trustee with the Alvin Independent School District Board since 2015. She traveled to Washington in January to take part in former President Donald Trump’s rally and documented it on FaceBook.

Now, the Brazoria County NAACP said those posts show that she violated her oath of office, and they’re demanding answers.

On Jan. 6, Pickren was among thousands of Trump supporters who gathered near the White House to hear the former president falsely proclaim that the election had been stolen and to urge followers to march on the capitol.

In one of her Facebook posts, she described singing God Bless America outside while some of the protesters forced their way into the capitol building, alleging the false claim that the rioters were actually ANTIFA members, not Trump supporters.

That doesn’t sit well with the Brazoria County NAACP.

“We ask that Ms. Pickren explain what the process was for her being there,” said chapter president Eugene Howard.

Howard said he’s received more than 20 complaints from parents and school employees about those posts. He said they violated Ms. Pickren’s oath to defend the constitution she took when she was sworn in because the march on the capitol was intended to stop the certification of the presidential election returns. He said she needs to explain herself.

“We’re not asking for ms Pickren to resign. We’re not asking for her to step down.” Howard said.”This is about awareness. we’re letting the community know that ms Pickren is up for reelection.”

KPRC 2 asked Pickren for comment, she declined. And Alvin ISD also demurred, saying in a brief, written statement saying:

All School Boards are non-partisan. Members of the Board of Trustees are elected officials and not appointed by Alvin ISD.”

NAACP leaders said if they don’t get the answers they’re asking for, they’ll be at the next school board meeting on March 9 to demand them.