Here’s how Texans are helping each other throughout the weather crisis

“Neighbors helping neighbors cause that’s what we do in Texas”

Deloris Sanchez, 56, and Mallissa Lee, 52, sit on a couch while taking shelters at Gallery Furniture store which opened its door and transformed into a warming station after winter weather caused electricity blackouts on Feb. 18, 2021 in Houston. (Go Nakamura, 2021 Getty Images)

As millions of people struggled to face freezing temperatures while enduring boil water notices and hourslong rolling power outages, Texans have come together to help one another during the weather crisis.

When asked about their experience amid the winter storm, hundreds of KPRC 2 viewers offered shout outs to the different heroes, including plumbers who have worked around the clock to quickly fix burst pipes, Mattress Mack who has offered his store as a shelter, and our own meteorologists for their communication throughout the storm.

But more than any specific person, viewers expressed their gratitude most for their neighbors.

“Neighbors helping neighbors cause that’s what we do in Texas,” one viewer wrote.

A resident of Texas City says her family of eight lost electricity at 2 a.m. on Monday and her neighbor brought over a generator on Tuesday night.

Residents of the Harvest Green community in Richmond also boasted about their neighbors, sharing how there was an outpour of people volunteering, performing house and pipe inspections, and sharing bottled water among other essential items.

Across Houston, residents found there was always someone nearby willing to help.

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