KPRC 2 FLOOD TRACKER: Get alerted if flooding is occurring in your immediate area

KPRC has data on current flood conditions whenever you need it on (KPRC 2 /

KPRC 2 has partnered with the Harris County Flood Control District in order to even better serve our community during severe weather events. Any time there’s significant rainfall in the Houston-area you’ll know exactly which regions are seeing the greatest impact on

Here are three key ways we are able to communicate critical safety information:

  • KPRC 2′s expert meteorologists have flood gauge maps they can use on air to show you current conditions. When all the gauges are green, we’re in great shape. When gauges start to change to yellow and red, water is rising. This is an easy, visual way to see when and where people and property are most at risk of flooding.
  • Frank’s Free Forecast Weather App – Thanks to our partnership with the Harris County Flood Control District, people with the KPRC 2 weather app who have alerts turned on will get flood alerts right on their phone. These are similar to the lightning alerts you may be used to receiving when dangerous lightning is in your area. If a flood gauge in your immediate area shows rising water, you will get an alert from the KPRC 2 weather app. This is unique to our app and is a key reason why it’s a valuable resource during flooding events. You can download Frank’s Free Forecast Weather App by searching KPRC in your app store. You can also find a link to it HERE. You can also get it by scanning the QR code we’ve put up during portions of our newscasts.
  • - This is the web page you’ll want to bookmark. Here you can see current stream status as well as 1-hour, 3-hour, 6-hour, 12-hour, 24-hour, 2-day, and 7-day rainfall totals. All of these maps show the potential for flooding with a simple color-coded system.
KPRC 2's Justin Stapleton explains what you need to do to get push notifications if there's flooding in your immediate vicinity