ERCOT officials say rotating outages a possibility as more people come back online across Texas

HOUSTON – Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) officials held a news conference Thursday to address the current power situation in Texas, saying there is a possibility that outages could continue if demand outstrips supply as people come back online.

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Bill Magness, ERCOT president and CEO, and Dan Woodfin, senior director of system operations, said the outages could be on a rotation and would likely not be the longer outages Texas has seen this week.

While answering questions from reporters across the country, the officials said names and contact information for board members were removed from ERCOT’s official website in response to threats. However, ERCOT said the names would be available again on the website sometime next week.

In addition to the discussion about the current situation, ERCOT said information about the facilities that failed and a timeline of events will eventually come out in weeks or even perhaps months ahead.

The officials also addressed local calls for the ERCOT board to be replaced, saying if the Texas Legislature would sanction such a change, it would follow such governance.

Discussing winterization of facilities, ERCOT officials said that’s a matter for the owners who operate the facilities across the state.

The ERCOT officials declined to give a grade to themselves when pressed by reporters, with one saying, “I think other people ought to grade us. ... Let us get through the event and we can take a look at the details of our performance.”

Here is the full video of the news conference:

ERCOT officials discussed the current state of power outages and the weather across Texas.

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