2 sons of former MLB pitchers awarded $3.24 million for 2019 attack at Concrete Cowboy Bar, lawyer says

HOUSTON – Two sons of former Major League Baseball pitchers Roger Clemens and Mike Capel were awarded $3.24 million for a 2019 attack at the Concrete Cowboy Bar on Washington Avenue.

A Houston jury found Concrete Cowboy Bar and Owner Daniel J. Wierck fully at fault on Friday for the assault of Kacy Clemens and Conner Capel, who were cleared of any wrongdoings, according to their legal representative, Randy Sorrels.

Kacy Clemens was a minor league baseball player in the Toronto Blue Jays organization and Conner Capel was a minor league baseball player for the St. Louis Cardinals organization at the time of the incident.

According to Sorrels, Kacy Clemens and Conner Capel were partying at a New Year’s Eve celebration on December 31, 2018, at Concrete Cowboy. Shortly after midnight, Conner Capel and a bouncer got into an altercation and the bouncer put Capel in a chokehold.

Then, Conner Capel was carried out by four founders when he witnessed the owner, Wierck, strike him on the head with a flashlight, according to Sorrels. Conner Capel suffered a skull fracture above his left eye requiring internal and external wound repair.

Kacy Clemens, Conner’s life-long friend, was standing nearby and attempted to diffuse the situation. He was also grabbed around the neck and placed in a chokehold. Then, he was then carried out while someone else struck him several times in the ribs.

Once outside the bar, Kacy Clemens was thrown to the ground landing on his right elbow, also his throwing elbow, according to his legal representative. His elbow swelled up immediately and limited Kacy’s training regimen.

“Both young men feel both exonerated and appreciative of the jury’s verdict,” said Sorrels, a partner in Sorrels Law, in a release. “These last two years of exposing the bar’s cover-up of these attacks have been challenging – and now rewarding. Kacy and Conner never did anything to prompt or start any problems or violence, and the jury correctly held the bar and bar owner 100% responsible.”

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