Roger Clemens' son, godson, assaulted by bouncers at Concrete Cowboy on NYE, lawsuit says

HOUSTON – A Houston bar is being sued after Roger Clemens' son and one of his friends, both minor-league baseball players, were assaulted by bouncers on New Year's Eve, according to the lawsuit.

Kacy Clemens and Conner Capel were assaulted at Concrete Cowboy before having a drink at the party, the lawsuit says.

The lawsuit says Kacy Clemens and Capel were singled out by a bouncer and asked to move while they were trying to order their first drink of the night.

Kacy Clemens and Capel moved, but a Concrete Cowboy bouncer tried to throw both of them out of the bar anyway, according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit says other bouncers and staff physically assaulted Kacy Clemens and Capel.

"Kacy has not started throwing with that arm as of yet to see if he has the same velocity and accuracy," attorney Randy Sorrels said. "And Conner is having to go to a neurologist at least once a year for the next five years because of a fractured skull."

When police arrived, one of the bouncers was arrested for assault, the lawsuit says. Police found no evidence that Kacy Clemens or Capel were intoxicated, according to the lawsuit.

"We think that Kacy and Conner have been completely vindicated of any wrongdoing. The bouncer on the other hand, the whole culture of that club need to be found guilty," Sorrels said. "On the way out, they took a flashlight and struck Conner several times, including against the forehead, fracturing his skull, causing lots of bruises and abrasions to his lower body."

The lawsuit goes on to say that Concrete Cowboy's bouncers and staff have assaulted other patrons in the past.

"The culture of Concrete Cowboy need to be exposed for what it is -- bouncers that make it their mission to brutalize and assault patrons who they perceive to not follow their orders," Sorrels said. "The bouncers picked on the wrong group of innocent young men in this instance and we intend to bring the employees, managers and owners of Concrete Cowboy to justice."

Concrete Cowboy is located at 5317 Washington Ave.