Doctors cautiously optimistic about downward coronavirus trend in Houston area

HOUSTON – New data illustrates a downward trend in COVID-19 positivity rates in Harris County and Houston. Additional statistics from the Texas Medical Center show coronavirus-related hospitalizations are also declining.

“This is great news to see that those numbers are coming down,” said Dr. David Persse, the chief medical officer for Houston. “I think we need to keep in mind that we are starting from a really high level.”

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Persse believes there’s a decline because the holiday season is over. He urged people to remain vigilant.

“We just don’t want the good to be the enemy of ourselves by saying ‘Oh! It’s all over now,’ then things will get bad again,” Persse said.

Houstonians ready for return to normalcy

Aidan Lewis-Dunn is a senior in high school. The pandemic disrupted his education.

“The last part of my junior year, my whole senior year has been basically ruined,” said Lewis-Dunn.

Although, he starts college this summer and is hopeful if the downward trend remains in effect, his classes won’t be virtual.

“The one thing that I really want is the college experience,” he said.

At Brewingz in Houston, there was only one table with customers during the lunch hour.

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“Because people don’t want to come in because of COVID,” said server Brianna Razo.

Razo is a single mother to one and the pandemic dried up her income.

“Everything has just changed for me, a lot, so it’s really tough now,” said Razo.

However, Razo feels optimistic with the news of a decrease in cases. She said she can see a small, dim light at the end of the tunnel.

“I hope COVID goes away, so this place will go back to normal because it used to be amazing back then,” said Razo.

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