Rodeo vendors react to rodeo closed again in 2021

Southwest Houston – Amid the cancelation of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, many vendors are extremely disappointed. Others are worried about their future as the rodeo serves as the main money-maker.

Still, some said they were expecting the shutdown and have been preparing for this announcement.

Brookwood Community, a community with over 200 adults who are living with disabilities, makes products to sell at the Houston Rodeo every year.

“They bring great joy to our citizens. It’s the highlight of the year to be able to come to the rodeo,” said Jana Mullins of Brookwood Community.

They lost about $50,000 last year, and the $90,000 that they typically raise at the rodeo is a large chunk of their revenue.

“There was a mixture of feelings but also recognizing it was a very wise decision,” Mullins said.

Adonis Alexander, the owner of Houston-based Diverscity Clothing Co. in Houston, said after last year’s rodeo was canceled he had to work hard to change course and push online sales.

He was expecting this year’s rodeo might be canceled too.

“It’s been interesting because you have had to adjust and be creative with how you sell things. I think the effects of what’s happening we will feel them for a long time if not for the rest of time,” Alexander said.

Crystal Cummings has been a rodeo vendor for eleven years with her shop, Accessorize in Style.

“We had definitely tiptoed around this year all the events knowing that there could be a cancellation, (but) wouldn’t be as big of a hit as it was last year,” Cummings said.

They’ve already bought inventory for May that will now have to be sold online. But she says they’ve been planning for this kind of change for a year now.

“We’ve had to adjust and shift and our marketing plan and our business plan is completely different now,” Cummings said.

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