Missouri City church provides update on search for missing Texas State student

Pictured is 21-year-old Jason Landry. (Credit: Caldwell County Office of Emergency Management) (KSAT)

HOUSTON – Jason Landry, a Texas State student from Missouri City, is still missing Friday, according to his church, Southminster Presbyterian Church.

Landry’s vehicle was found totaled and abandoned on a dirt mile about 30 miles from campus. He was reportedly driving back home Sunday for Christmas break.

According to the church, investigators said dogs led them to a pond, which they later drained. But from the best they could tell, Landry’s body was not in there. DPS said Friday night that nothing was found in the pond.

Landry’s father, Kent Landry, who is also a pastor of Southminster Presbyterian Church, said this is good news because there remains hope that Landry “is still out there somewhere.”

On Saturday, investigators will start the search again, which will include K-9 units, a plane, a team of 40 people searching and teams on horses, according to the church. While others have also continued to search the area throughout the week. Investigators will also take DNA from the car and gather any other evidence.

Kent Landry said as long as there is breath in his lungs then there is still hope to find his son. His prayer is that Jason Landry will be home for Christmas.

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