Dave Chappelle comedy show requires rapid COVID-19 test for admission

HOUSTON – Guests heading to comedian Dave Chappelle’s show in Houston on Thursday night needed more than a ticket to enter the House of Blues.

“Mandatory rapid COVID-19 testing onsite prior to entering,” the venue said in a Tweet explaining the ground rules.

“It’s a little invasive but again, not the worst thing in the world,” said Paul Seymore, who arrived at the show with his wife and another couple. “It’s a minor inconvenience for a good time.”

The arrival times were staggered and you had to buy tickets in groups of four, Seymore said. The venue also said masks and social distancing would be required.

“I’m not concerned for my safety or the safety of anybody else at all, frankly, just because of the measures they’re taking in order to ensure our safety,” Seymore said.

According to the ticketing website, groups that tested negative could go inside. People who were positive could get their money back.

“I think that’s really good and they give you the opportunity to refund your money if you’re positive and for those who have never been tested, now they’ll know,” said one patron.

Organizers have not yet said how many people were in attendance for Thursday night’s show or whether anyone who showed up at the door tested positive.

Shows are also scheduled for Friday and Saturday nights.