Harmony Public Schools launches Esports program to keep students engaged in extracurricular activities

Telecom companies said they are keeping people connected while students and employees stay home to stop the spread of the coronavirus. (Pixabay.com)

In an effort to keep students actively involved in extracurricular activities amid the coronavirus pandemic, Harmony Public Schools has launched an online Esports program.

Esports, an online competitive gaming program, is a socially-distanced alternative allowing students to collaborate and develop their teamwork skills by providing a sense of community.

Harmony Public Schools is offering Esports Clubs and tournament teams granting students the opportunity to compete against other high schools for scholarship money and exposure to college recruiters through the online platform.

Additionally, Esports allows students to utilize video games and game development as a way to increase their knowledge of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), according to a release.

According to Harmony Public Schools, students who participate in the program experience academic and social benefits, including an average 28% boost in their GPA and 95% improvement in attendance.

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